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Dev-Centric Enterprise Dynamic Application Security Testing

Find and fix vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.

Secure your applications & APIs for both technical and business logic vulnerabilities at the speed of DevOps, with minimal false positives. Avoid security being an afterthought or becoming a bottleneck to DevOps.

Shift DAST left, iterate in the SDLC.
Improve with each scan

Why our Clients Love Us

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Bright. Bright was simple to deploy and integrate into our customer engagements and began showing immediate value. Bright has reduced the amount of wall clock hours AND man hours we used to spend doing preliminary scans on applications by about 70%.

If you’re doing appsec, and doing a lot of it, you need to look at Bright.”

Bobby Kuzma

CISSP Practice Director, Security Assessment & Testing

Benefits of Using Bright


Scan early, scan often

Bright’s DAST allows you to start scanning as early on in the SDLC as the unit testing phase, so you can remediate vulnerabilities faster than ever before.


Targeted, scoped for speed

Scan with a narrow scope using HAR files, API schemas, or incremental scanning and technology-specific tests to optimize for speed.


Minimal false positives

No need to worry about false positives, our DAST conducts two separate validations to ensure accurate findings every time.


Proof of vulnerability

We provide a listing of found issues, remediation guidelines for each specific issue, as well as the request and responses for the URL endpoints we queried.


Remediation Guidelines

Each vulnerability we find includes remediation guidelines and resources, so your devs know exactly where to look in order to fix bugs.


Reduce Stress

Find and fix vulnerabilities early and often, eliminating costly fixes later, and reducing your likelihood of a successful attack.

For AppSec Professionals

/ 01

Foster collaboration and comradery between you and your engineering team

/ 02

Leverage engineering teams to help improve application and API security

/ 03

Reduce stress from the AppSec team by leveraging the broader organization

/ 04

Eliminate noise with minimal false positives

/ 05

Integrate remediation into each step of the SDLC

/ 06

Improve your security posture through education and remediation guidelines


/ 01

Improve your organization's security posture with less vulnerabilities shipped into production

/ 02

Align AppSec velocity with development velocity

/ 03

Turn rapid release cycles into rapid remediation cycles

/ 04

Keep to release schedule without the fear of false positives

/ 05

Increase your teams' self-reliance in addressing security issues

/ 06

Improve AppSec & engineering team member satisfaction

For Engineering Leads

/ 01

Develop and deploy high-quality secure applications and APIs

/ 02

Sprint plan with security in mind

/ 03

Start scanning and remediating vulnerabilities as early on as unit testing

/ 04

Collaborate, don’t contend with your security team

For DevOps Professionals

/ 01

DevOps without Sec is set up to fail from the onset

/ 02

Effectively implement DevSecOps

/ 03

Deploy Bright’s DAST into all stages of your DevOps pipelines

/ 04

Increase your release’s security confidence

/ 05

Minimize the need to delay your DevOps practices by implementing AppSec as part of the process