Our Mission:

Help you build secure applications. Fast

We help companies secure web applications with AI-powered application security testing that quickly uncovers flaws. Our developer-friendly scanner detects vulnerabilities no other solution is able to find.

Our Story

Traditional Application Security Testing isn’t keeping up and focuses on detecting known vulnerabilities. Legacy tools rely on a heuristics-based approach and lengthy and costly manual testing for finding new issues. This doesn’t scale and results in substantial delays to remediation, putting your business at risk.

Bar Hofesh and Art Linkov decided to do something about it. They combined their experience in cybersecurity and biologically-inspired machine learning, creating what NeuraLegion’s AIAST technology, which automates a human’s critical thinking process when detecting vulnerabilities. 

The result is a comprehensive Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution that fully automates AppSec testing at scale, allowing organizations of all sizes to stay ahead of even the most ruthless of hackers. It lets them comprehensively test, assess and improve their cybersecurity posture regardless of industry, including software, blockchain, FinTech, IoT, automotive, healthcare, and more.

Shoham Cohen


An experienced leader with 20 years of experience in finance and technology.

Art Linkov


Former Biology researcher at the Technion, Israel. Extensive experience in biology, genetic algorithms, big-data analysis, statistics and algorithm design

Bar Hofesh


Bar has been living and breathing the cybersecurity world for more than a decade in a wide range of roles including developer, software architect, hacker, security researcher and CISO.

Gadi Bashvitz


Experienced sales, marketing, and customer success executive with 20+ years growing profitable organizations with a focus on customer value.

Meet the Team

Our leadership team brings together expertise, experience, and a fanatical focus on our customers’ security.

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