About Us

Bright Security is a developer-centric Dynamic Application Security Testing Solution, also known as a DAST. Founded in 2018.

Our Mission

Bright’s mission is to enable organizations to ship secure Applications and APIs at the speed of business. We do this by enabling quick & iterative scans to identify true and critical security vulnerabilities without compromising on quality, or software delivery speeds.

Bright empowers AppSec teams to provide the governance for securing APIs and web apps while enabling developers to take ownership of the actual security testing and remediation work early in the SDLC.

Why We Exist?

Bright exists because legacy DAST is broken. These legacy solutions are built for AppSec professionals, take hours, or even days, to run, find vulnerabilities late in the development process and are complex to deploy.

In today’s DevOps world, where companies release applications and APIs multiple times a day, a different approach is needed.

Our Executive Team

Gadi Bashvitz

Co-founder & CEO

Shoham Cohen

Co-founder & COO

Bar Hofesh

Co-founder& CTO

Avishai Shafir

VP of Product

Loris Gutić


Yossi Shalem


Moran Halevi

VP of Marketing

Board of Directors:

Gadi Bashvitz

Shoham Cohen

Karthik Subramani

Evolution Equity Partners

Hiro Rio Maeda

DNX Ventures

Slavik Markovich

Board Observers

Oded Hermoni


Shane Wall

Fusion Fund

Lu Zhang

Fusion Fund

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Our DAST solution can be deployed as early as the Unit Testing phase (extreme shift left) & run throughout the SDLC, while learning and optimizing from every scan.
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