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With a few clicks Bright can test your production ready applications and APIs for security vulnerabilities, or you can integrate into your CI/CD to make sure that new feature is secure!

Special AWS Activate benefits

Enhanced Free Tier: Double the amount of free scan hours, with pdf report generation for your security compliance

Pro Tier: 50% off the list price for the 1st year

Security Testing for Startups, Made Simple


Simple and easy to use, start scanning in minutes

Actionable reports

Clearly understand what you need to do to secure your application. Fast.


No false positives


Scan your Web Apps, APIs (REST & SOAP, GraphQL & more), Web sockets or mobile


GitHub, Jira, Slack, Monday and more!

Bright for Startup Program Benefits

As a member of the Bright for Startup program, you will have access to a wide range of resources to secure your products and data.

  • Getting Started Webinar
  • Onboarding Support
  • Access to Bright technical training & docs
  • AppSec Tips and Trick
  • Dedicated support via chat & Discord

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