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What is Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)? Interactive application security testing (IAST) solutions help detect and remediate vulnerabilities in web applications, as part of an


8 Free Security Testing Tools You Must Know About

What are Security Testing Tools? In the software world, security testing involves testing a software application to identify vulnerabilities and misconfiguration that could be exploited

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What is XSS? Impact, Types, and Prevention

What is XSS? Cross site scripting (XSS) is a cyberattack method that involves running malicious code as part of a vulnerable web application. Unlike other

AppSec Testing

API Security: The Complete Guide

What is API Security? An Application Programming Interface (API) allows software applications to interact with each other. It is a fundamental part of modern software


Product Update – February 2022

A lot is happening with Bright! We want to share some exciting news! Our name has changed from NeuraLegion to Bright! On top of that,

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9 Penetration Testing Types

What Is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing (pentesting), is a cybersecurity technique used by organizations to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities. Organizations hire ethical hackers to

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What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network penetration testing is an attempt by an ethical hacker to breach an organization’s network without doing harm. The objective is to identify security weaknesses