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8 Great Snyk Alternatives

What is Snyk? Snyk is an application security testing tool that lets you identify and remediate vulnerabilities in open source components, proprietary source code, containers,


XSS Attack: 3 Real Life Attacks and Code Examples

What is an XSS Attack? A cross-site scripting (XSS) attack injects malicious code into vulnerable web applications. XSS does not target the application directly. Instead,

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DevOps Testing: The Basics and 5 Best Practices

What Is DevOps Testing? DevOps is a methodology promoting close communication and cooperation between development and operations teams. Implementing DevOps requires adopting certain tools and

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What is Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)?

Organizations are under constant threat from a wide variety of vulnerabilities. Security professionals can be slow to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in software and IT

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Black-Box Penetration Testing: Pros and Cons

What is Black-Box Penetration Testing? The term black-box penetration testing (pentesting) refers to external tests aimed at identifying vulnerabilities in systems, applications, or networks. Unlike

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What Is DevSecOps? Adding Security to the SDLC

DevSecOps is a strategic approach that unites development, security, operations, and infrastructure as code (IaaS) in a continuous and automated delivery cycle.  DevSecOps aims to