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Bar Hofesh
Co-founder of Bright Security, Bar acts at their CTO. Globally recognized security & technology expert, Bar has played many roles including CISO, System architect , Security, and DevSecOps advisor at over 10 companies. As a leader & researcher, he has multiple publications & projects in cybersecurity. CISO & MCITP certified.

IASTless IAST – The SAST to DAST Bridge

Streamline appsec with IASTless IAST. Simplify deployment, enhance accuracy, and boost your security posture by combining SAST and Bright’s DAST.

Bringing DAST security to AI-generated code

AI-generated code is basically the holy grail of developer tools of this decade. Think back to just over two years ago; every third article discussed how there weren’t enough engineers to answer demand; some companies even offered coding training for candidates wanting to make a career change. The demand for software and hardware innovation was

Analyzing the Limitations of OWASP JuiceShop as a Benchmarking Target for DAST Tools

Introduction OWASP JuiceShop, a widely used Capture The Flag (CTF) contest application for penetration testing (PT) teams. It offers a gamified experience with logical puzzles. While it serves its intended purpose, it is not a suitable benchmarking target for Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). We will explain why this is the case in this post.

A Novel Approach to LLM prompt injection using Genetic Algorithms

What are LLMs? LLMs, or Large Language Models, are advanced artificial intelligence models designed to process and generate human-like text. These models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, have been trained on a vast amount of internet text to learn patterns, grammar, and factual information. LLMs utilize deep learning techniques, specifically transformers, to understand context and generate

SQL Injection Attack: How It Works, Examples and Prevention

SQL Injection attacks (or SQLi) alter SQL queries, injecting malicious code by exploiting application vulnerabilities. 

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