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Edward Chopskie
Edward Chopskie is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bright Security. Prior to joining Bright Edward worked as a product marketing and sales enablement consultant for leading cybersecurity companies including Cisco, Infoblox and Qualys. Edward has a degree in Economics from the University of Florida and holds a number of cybersecurity certifications including being a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP).

Europe Takes a Historic Leap in AI Regulation with the Landmark AI Act

On December 8, 2023, the European Union took a bold step in the realm of technology regulation by agreeing on a groundbreaking new law, called the AI Act, to regulate artificial intelligence. This move marks one of the world’s first comprehensive legislative efforts to put checks on the use of a technology that’s rapidly reshaping

NIST Weighs in on Software Supply Chain Attacks

What is a Software Supply Chain (SSC) Attack?  Supply chain attacks strategically focus on infiltrating an organization by compromising the products, in this case the software that the targeted entities depend on. In this type of cyber-assault, attackers covertly implant a backdoor within the software or its development infrastructure. Once established, this concealed entry point

The Role of DAST in Defending Against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

In the ever-evolving battlefield of cybersecurity, zero-day vulnerabilities represent some of the most daunting challenges. These unknown security flaws, unaddressed by unpatched software, are like open gates to attackers, inviting them to exploit these weaknesses before developers have a chance to fortify the defenses. Enter Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), a sentinel in the world

The Growing Concern of Burnout in Application Security

The field of application security (AppSec), a critical component of the broader cybersecurity industry, is experiencing a surge in demand as organizations increasingly prioritize the protection of their digital assets. However, this growing demand is leading to an alarming trend: burnout among application security professionals. The rise in workload, coupled with the fast-paced and high-stress

Navigating the Threat Landscape of Business Logic Attacks

Understanding the Emerging Threat to Your Applications and APIs In today’s digital-driven world, applications and APIs are the linchpins of many businesses, powering a plethora of digital services. However, a new type of security threat is on the rise, targeting the unique functionalities of these applications and APIs. A staggering 17% of API attacks in

An Introduction to Software Supply Chain Attacks

The alarming rise in Software Supply Chain (SSC) attacks has catapulted this issue into a hot topic in the cybersecurity landscape. A staggering 742% increase in these attacks over the past three years, as reported by CSO Magazine, underscores the urgency for organizations to address this escalating threat. SSC attacks continue to be newsworthy with

JUnit Testing: The Basics and a Quick Tutorial

What Is JUnit Testing in Java Programming?  When you’re creating a Java application, you want to make sure it’s functioning as expected. This is where JUnit testing comes in. JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. It plays a crucial role in test-driven development (TDD), where you write unit tests before

The Top 10 Notorious Hacks of all time: Lessons from the Biggest Cyber Incidents

The digital era has brought unparalleled conveniences and innovations, but it has also opened doors for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and utilize other attack vectors. The world has witnessed numerous security breaches, with some incidents leading to massive data losses, financial damages, and severely dented reputations for corporations. From giants like Equifax to household names

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