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Avoiding Security Incidents with a Dev-First AppSec Program

January 26, 2022
Oliver Moradov

Did you miss our webinar on ‘Avoiding Security Incidents with a Dev-First AppSec Program’?
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Renowned security expert Ofer Maor and Bright’s CEO Gadi Bashvitz, discuss the importance of proactive security testing as an intrinsic part of a holistic approach to modern application security. Listen in as they will discuss how effective DevSecOps best practices and a Dev-First approach to security testing can avoid incidents further downstream, covering:

  • Real world examples where a lack of an effective AppSec program has led to major incidents
  • Security challenges for security and development teams and how you can overcome these
  • Shifting left – modernizing your security toolkit and processes to meet developers’ changing needs

What Is Domain Hijacking?  Domain hijacking refers to the unauthorized acquisition of a domain name by a third party, effectively

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Modern day organizations face a constant barrage of cyber threats, making it imperative to implement robust vulnerability management processes. Vulnerability

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A vulnerability scanner is a specialized software tool designed to assess the security of computers, networks, or applications by automatically detecting and analyzing weaknesses. These scanners proactively search for security vulnerabilities, such as unpatched software, misconfigurations, and other security gaps that could be exploited by attackers. Some scanners can simulate the actions of an attacker to help identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

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