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Bright Product Update – March 2021

April 13, 2021
Nera Besic

This blog post announces the March 2021 Update for Bright.
We added some new features and product enhancements that will make your experience even better.

New Features:

Standard & Advanced Scan Modes

No more complicated scan configurations. We simplified the Start Scan window so you only need to enter your destination URL and repeater. You can now start an application security scan in 30 seconds!
Still want to have full control of your scan config? No problem. Simply click on the Advanced tab.  
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Custom Multi-Stage Authentication Flows

With this powerful new feature, you can easily create fully customized authentication flows, combining multiple stages. In addition, the multi-step flows support our new string interpolation syntax for easy access to the data between authentication steps. 
Read more about it on our knowledge base. 

Repeater Diagnostics From the UI

You can now initiate a quick network diagnostic of your running Repeaters directly from the UI and quickly discover connection issues to your internal target applications. 
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Improved Authentication Tester

You now have full control of how to execute the authentication test when configuring your Authentication Objects. 
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ADFS SSO Provisioning

You can now set up provisioning for your ADFS SSO, to automatically create and control users & groups from ADFS to Bright. 
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Speed Improvements

We released a few improvements to our browser automation, making the scans faster and smoother than ever before!

Improved Default Scan Templates

Check out our improved scan templates, you can use them to quickly start the scan the fits your needs. 
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What Is Domain Hijacking?  Domain hijacking refers to the unauthorized acquisition of a domain name by a third party, effectively

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Modern day organizations face a constant barrage of cyber threats, making it imperative to implement robust vulnerability management processes. Vulnerability

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A vulnerability scanner is a specialized software tool designed to assess the security of computers, networks, or applications by automatically detecting and analyzing weaknesses. These scanners proactively search for security vulnerabilities, such as unpatched software, misconfigurations, and other security gaps that could be exploited by attackers. Some scanners can simulate the actions of an attacker to help identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

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