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CircleCI and Bright team up to provide a superior DevSecOps process

November 20, 2019
Admir Dizdar

Implementing a DevSecOps process was never easier!

CircleCI, a leader in cloud-native Continuous Integration, according to Forrester, and Bright, the maker of the world’s first AI-powered Application Security Testing Tool (AIAST ® ) partner to make the process of delivering secure applications faster and easier than ever.

What does that mean for you?

Continuous integration gives teams the confidence to ship quality software at a rapid pace. That’s why leading companies like Samsung, Spotify, and Coinbase rely on CircleCI to enable market-leading value delivery.

But delivering fast, without paying attention to security will not get you far!

Bright helps eliminate the huge shortage of security personnel by enabling developers and QA teams to run their own Dynamic Application Security Tests. Our application security solution is fully integrated with the CircleCI Orb enabling you to incorporate our automated DAST solution into your DevOps process. We enable you to resolve security concerns as part of your agile development process resulting in significant time saving and improved collaboration between the security organization and the development organization. Test results are provided to security teams so they have complete visibility into vulnerabilities found and remediate.

“We are very excited to partner with an amazing company in CircleCI and integrate our solutions within their Orb. This partnership enables organizations using CircleCI for their DevOps to not only ship code quickly, but deliver secure code as well. We look forward to helping many CircleCI customers achieve a higher level of security”

Shoham Cohen, Bright’s CEO

Why does it matter?

With the huge global shortage in security professionals, integrating security into the DevOps process and enabling developers to detect and remediate vulnerabilities early in the process provides significant advantages to companies. It reduces the reliance on overworked security people while improving developer happiness levels and enabling faster deployment of a higher quality application.

Writing secure code is becoming a greater challenge every day. Even large multinational companies that attract the best developers from all around the world, face this problem. They suffer vulnerabilities from SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, to backdoors in their code.

The effects of integrating security too late, or as we have seen in some cases, not at all, into the SDLC, is a dangerous and expensive game to play. Whether being fined and suffering financial and reputational losses when breaches occur, or being more costly to remediate vulnerabilities when they are discovered late or in the production environment.

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