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Bright & Bind announce strategic partnership

January 14, 2020
Gadi Bashvitz

The partnership will focus on Bind distributing Bright’s solutions and offering services associated with these solutions.

Tel Aviv, Israel: Bright today announced a new partnership with Bind. This partnership will enable Bind to distribute Bright’s DAST and Fuzzer solutions and offer additional services associated with these solutions.

We are very excited to partner with Bind and have them distribute BrightTM. Bind has extensive expertise selling AST solutions and providing associated services and we are proud they selected Bright as their partner following extensive research to identify the best solutions in the industry. We look forward to a great partnership

Shoham Cohen, CEO at Bright

Bind is a reseller of cybersecurity services and products that bring distinct values to its customers. Bind looked for an applicative scanning product that meets the highest standards of scanning versatility, CI/CD integration and 0-false positive to customers. Bright’s unique solutions were chosen over other competitor products we evaluated due to the remarkable technical results and energetic team standing behind the products. We are looking forward to a strong and fruitful partnership with Bright

Ronen Carmona, CEO at Bind

The combined offering will enable organizations to implement leading DAST and Fuzzer solutions alongside additional services to ensure the highest level of application security at a lower cost than they are used to paying.

Bright & Bind will be presenting at Cybertech Israel January 28-30. Come visit the Bright booth to learn more about the solutions and services we offer.

About Bright:

Bright eliminates the shortage of security personnel by enabling developers & QA teams to run their own security tests. We incorporate our automated DAST solution into customers’ unit testing process so they can resolve security concerns as part of their agile development process. Test results are provided to the security team. Follow us on LinkedIn at: and check out our website ay:

About Bind:

BIND is at the forefront of global cyber and intelligence expertise, offering high-value cybersecurity and intelligence services worldwide. Using a variety of services and products we are helping organizations improve their security posture and be ready to withstand or prevent cyber-attacks.

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