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Bright is now ISO 27701 Certified!

We at Bright are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the accredited certification on ISO 27701, the international standard on data privacy. This builds on the ISO 27001 certification we received a couple months ago and shows our continued commitment to meeting the highest standards of customer security and reliability.

The ISO 27701 standard provides an overarching framework on Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS), to help companies fine-tune their data privacy practices and keep pace with the changing privacy threat and regulatory landscape through a rigorous risk and compliance driven approach, while being focused on measurement and continuous improvement. This is the world’s first International Standard on PIMS and incorporates a mapping against the requirements of EU GDPR – considered the gold standard in data privacy laws. Being certified to this global standard demonstrates Bright’s ability to effectively and consistently deliver solutions and services to clients in compliance with data privacy regulations and contractual requirements in applicable countries.

This is a significant accomplishment for us, given that we could get an accredited certification for the globally recognized, certifiable data privacy standard quickly and effectively. This was possible only because of the maturity of our data privacy processes. I’m confident this certification will go a long way in being a differentiator and in increasing the trust our clients and other stakeholders place in Bright.

We are excited to offer our Application Security Solutions from build to compliance across Web, mobile and APIs with 0-false positives with this highest level of security.

Testing variance Using Legacy Dast Using Dev-Centric Dast
% of orgs knowingly pushing vulnerable apps & APIs to prod 86% 50%
Time to remediate >Med vulns in prod 280 days <150 days
% of > Med vulns detected in CI, or earlier <5% ~55%
Dev time spent remediating vulns - Up to 60x faster
Happiness level of Engineering & AppSec teams - Significantly improved
Average cost of Data Breach (US) $7.86M $7.86M