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Bright Welcomes new VP of R&D, Sijawusz Pur Rahnama

November 14, 2019
Admir Dizdar

Bright is proud to announce and welcome Company’s new VP of R&D, Sijawusz Pur Rahnama.

Sija has a wealth of experience gained from years of hands-on experience as a startup founder, CTO and various engineering roles. His diligence fueled by a product-oriented approach and a keen eye for detail has turned him into a pillar of a number of development communities and enabled his clients to achieve technological advantage and market visibility.

At Bright our focus is on acquiring and developing the best talent so we can serve our customers and continue driving technological innovation empowering DevSecOps. We are very excited to have a leader like Sija leading our development organization and we are already benefiting from his knowledge and experience

Shoham Cohen, CEO

Before joining Bright, Sija lead next-generation software implementations and shaped team cultures as a founder & CTO of a few companies. His abilities and acute technological instincts are the results of more than  16 years of hands-on experience working closely with software engineers, product teams, UI/UX designers and of course – users. Driving synergy between vision, technology, product, and achieving business objectives lies at the heart of his decisions.

At Bright, Sija will be in charge of developing sound organization culture, organizing internal development processes and creation and implementation of new technological solutions to advance DevSecOps and QA markets.

About Bright

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