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Product Update – February 2022

March 21, 2022
Nera Besic

A lot is happening with Bright!

We want to share some exciting news! Our name has changed from NeuraLegion to Bright! On top of that, we raised a $20 million funding round! This is not only great news for us, but for you too. This financing will allow us to improve the Bright DAST to secure your apps and APIs, without slowing down your software development processes.

Here are some updates and improvements that will make your experience even better:

New Features

The amazing new API Linter

Our new Schema Linter (Editor) is a smart tool designed to parse, validate and edit an uploaded API schema, making it easy for you to configure high-quality, efficient scans that will ensure the best results. Explore the Linter’s features and capabilities in our step-by-step tutorial.


Have you had your scans crash because your app logged you out?
Don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

You can now configure Bright DAST to detect when applications need to re-login, without having to stop your scan and do it manually. It will re-login you into your app, without skipping a beat. This can be easily done with the new Authentication Triggers option “Detect using Request URL pattern”.

Try it in your account now

UI improvements

Enjoy the improved authentication configuration and other UI enhancements we introduced to make your experience better!

  • Clear and consequent authentication object setup
  • Enhanced visibility and representation of the Scans table settings
  • Comprehensive filter setup on the Scans page
  • Convenient pagination on the Scans page

General Performance improvements

Various improvements for crawler performance and stability, as well as a significant improvement to SQLI and LDAP testing.

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