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Unlocking Seamless Security with Bright’s DAST on the AWS Marketplace

Unlocking Seamless Security with Bright’s DAST on the AWS Marketplace

Edward Chopskie

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, and organizations must be agile enough to keep pace. In the realm of application security, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) has emerged as a critical tool for identifying and remediating application and API vulnerabilities. Bright’s DAST solution, now available on the AWS Marketplace, stands out by offering developer-centric features and seamless integration. 

In this blog post, we will explore what Bright Security’s DAST solution entails, what it means to have it available on the AWS Marketplace, and how it can redefine the way businesses handle application security.

To begin with, the AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that offers thousands of software solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs). These are all designed to run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. It’s like an online store, but for cloud-based applications, software, and services. 

Bright Security’s DAST solution is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of Application Security (AppSec) and development teams. By shifting AppSec testing left, this state-of-the-art solution allows for early scanning of application and API vulnerabilities without false positives.

Some key Bright features include:

  • Unprecedented IDE Integration: It offers seamless integration with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), enabling developers to scan directly from their working environment.
  • Real-Time Scanning: Immediate and continuous scanning right from the early stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities before they escalate.
  • No False Positives: The solution’s accuracy ensures that only genuine threats are detected, saving time and resources in the remediation process.

AWS Marketplace: A Perfect Platform

Having Bright Security’s DAST solution on the AWS Marketplace signifies a strategic alignment with one of the most extensive cloud ecosystems. Here’s why this integration is vital:

Simplifying Procurement with AWS

1. Streamlined Access and Deployment

Purchasing and deploying security tools should not be cumbersome. By offering Bright’s DAST on the AWS Marketplace, the procurement process becomes even more straightforward and efficient. Organizations can quickly locate the solution, review its features, and complete the purchase, all within AWS’s robust ecosystem. 

2. Consolidated Billing

Managing multiple vendors and disparate billing cycles can be a complex task. With Bright’s DAST available on AWS, customers can add Bright to their AWS bill directly. This unified billing approach simplifies accounting and enables organizations to manage their costs effectively.

3. Expedited Return on Investment (ROI)

Quick access to the solution and simplified billing translate into a faster return on investment. Organizations can get up and running with Bright’s DAST quickly, leveraging its capabilities to secure applications and drive value without unnecessary delays. This expedites the proven ROI that Bright brings to organizations. 

Enhancing Development Workflows

4. Developer-Centric Approach

Bright’s DAST solution is built around the workflows and needs of developers. Its unique integration with Integrated Development Environments (IDE) eliminates significant administrative tasks and allows developers to initiate security scans from their working environment. This dev-centric approach aligns security with development, promoting a more proactive security posture.

5. No False Positives

Bright’s solution minimizes zero false positives which are common in legacy DAST solutions, allowing teams to focus on real threats without chasing down irrelevant alerts. This accuracy speeds up the remediation process and boosts productivity.

6. Automation and CI/CD Integration

Automation is key to modern development, and Bright’s DAST supports seamless integration with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This enables automated security testing as part of the development process, reducing manual efforts, and accelerating release cycles.

Embracing a Shift Left Strategy

7. Early Vulnerability Detection

Shifting security testing left in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) means initiating measures earlier in the development process. Bright’s DAST facilitates this approach, identifying vulnerabilities well before they reach production with its unprecedented IDE integration allowing developers to initiate scans. Early detection reduces the cost and complexity of remediation.

8. Integration with the AWS Environment

Since Bright’s DAST solution is available through the AWS Marketplace, it integrates seamlessly with AWS services. Organizations can leverage the interoperability between Bright’s solution and their existing AWS infrastructure to enhance efficiency and streamline security processes.

Compliance and Regulatory Benefits

9. Adhering to Standards

Bright’s DAST solution assists organizations in meeting various industry regulations and compliance standards including ISO 27001 and NIST. By integrating best practices into its scanning process, Bright helps ensure that applications are in line with required security standards.

Real-World Applications

Bright Security’s DAST solution on AWS Marketplace is already making waves across various industries:

  • Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions can secure their online portals and transactional systems against emerging threats.
  • Healthcare: Protecting sensitive patient data and ensuring HIPAA compliance is now more accessible for healthcare providers.
  • Government: Ensuring robust compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing the security of critical governmental applications.


Bright Security’s DAST solution on the AWS Marketplace is not just a product listing; it’s a revolutionary approach to application security that aligns with modern development practices

With features designed around the needs of developers and a streamlined procurement process through AWS, it provides organizations with a clear pathway to a robust, agile security posture. The elimination of false positives, seamless CI/CD integration, IDE integration, early vulnerability detection, and compliance support further cement Bright’s DAST as a must-have for any forward-thinking organization.

By choosing Bright’s DAST on the AWS Marketplace, businesses not only safeguard their applications but also enhance development workflows, foster collaboration between AppSec and development teams, and drive overall business success. The future of application security is here, and Bright’s DAST solution is leading the way. 


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