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What we learned from a very successful Black Hat Europe Conference

December 13, 2019
Gadi Bashvitz

We exhibited at Black Hat Europe, one of the Industry’s flagship events, drawing more than 3,000 Cyber Security professionals last week.

This conference marked the first in a list of conferences we will be presenting in over the next few months to help share the joy that is Bright and how we help organizations seamlessly integrate DAST solutions into the DevOps practices. Upcoming events include Cybertech Israel (at which we won top honors as the most innovative startup last year), The RSA conference in San Francisco, FIC in France and the annual Checkpoint customer conference (CPX) in both the US and Europe where we were invited to present and speak to share our innovative solutions with their customers.

Conference attendees would have found it hard to miss our unique stand which drew a lot of traffic and interest thanks to our fun “Whack a Vulnerability” activity. Delegates showed off their skills whacking vulnerabilities and the best won prizes. By our count, roughly 25% of the conference attendees joined us and played the game. Many of them came back multiple times and stayed to learn more about our offering and saw our demo in action, this is an amazing achievement. The discussions with CISOs, security experts and DevOps professionals were very interesting and it was exciting to hear that they were all very interested in our DAST and Fuzzing solutions that enable developers to remediate vulnerabilities early in the development process. Attendees shared information on the challenges they are currently facing with other solutions and the frustrations they have in implementing security as part of their DevOps process.

Below are some pictures from the event:

NeuraLegion's booth at Black Hat Europe
The crowd, waiting to play (This is how our booth looked like all day)
conversation about AppSec at Black Hat Europe
Great conversation about AppSec and how we can help them
Announcing the first prize winner of our raffle at BHEU
Our team announcing the First Prize winner

We look forward to the upcoming conferences and learning from every interaction.

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