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Join NeuraLegion’s innovative Application Security Testing bootcamp and gain the knowledge and skills to be an application security specialist, with a chance to secure a full-time job in a fast-growing global cybersecurity company.

  • The bootcamp is a 7-week full-time course
  • You will be paid! All students will be financially supported during the bootcamp
  • The course is fully-funded by NeuraLegion
  • Classes are led by a global team of cybersecurity experts
  • Comprehensive syllabus with hands-on technical workshops
  • Get a chance to join NeuraLegion’s team!
We bring together the industry’s brightest minds.
Sarajevo (exact location TBD)
1,000 KM for the 7-week course

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  • At least one year experience in IT system management or software development 
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of computer networks is an advantage

What you’ll learn

  • The most common attacks hackers use to break into apps, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, server-side request forgery — and many more!
  • How to identify vulnerabilities in an app and APIs
  • How to remediate vulnerabilities
  • How to document and report vulnerabilities
  • Hands on experience with popular tools in the cybersecurity world, including aquatone, assetfinder, ffuf, gau, getjs, hakrawler, httprobe, PD httpx, PD nuclei, SQLmap, waybackurl, dirsearch, sublist3r and more

By the end of this comprehensive course, you will have the knowledge and experience to propel your cybersecurity career, but will you have what it takes to jump straight into a full-time role with NeuraLegion? Apply and find out.

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