Discover the power of a dev-centric DAST scanner with a video demo!

With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated by the day, empowering developers to perform security testing throughout the SDLC is becoming critical. Watch the demo of the Bright solution to learn how our DAST can significantly eliminate vulnerabilities early on in the development so the risk and potential impact on the production environment is minimal.

Scan both Web Apps & APIs

Scanning doesn’t stop with web applications. Use Bright to scan APIs, microservices and server-side applications with a simple, yet efficient interface adaptable to all users. Bright works with REST and GraphQL APIs. Not only that, but you can also upload a Postman Collection or a Swagger file and Bright will parse it to define an optimized attack surface for your API endpoints

Simple GUI for scan analysis

User-Friendly Reports and Dashboards for Targets and Scans

Easily analyze targets and scans using user-friendly reports and dashboards that can be organized by project or scan. Share these results with your team in various formats such as PDF, CSV, JSON, or SARIF.

Remediation guides & pointers

Instant Issue Resolution
Bright equips developers with comprehensive information for each detected issue, enabling them to address and resolve problems promptly.

Debug findings with cURL commands

Full Request/Response Evidence

Remediation Guidelines Tailored for Developers: Inclusive of Examples and Documentation

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