Bright Security Announces New Partnership with Salt Security to Enhance API Testing Capabilities

Bright Security and Salt Security announce a partnership to provide a market leading best-of-breed API Security solution for Enterprises.

San Francisco, CA – August 23, 2023 – Bright Security today announced its technology partnership with Salt Security, the leader in API security. By taking a “best of breed” approach, the two companies will enable organizations to combine the power of the Salt platforms’s API adaptive intelligence with Bright’s API testing capabilities to deliver the most comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, and effective API protection solution in the market.

By combining the API security capabilities of both companies, customers will be able to:

  • Adopt a risk-based API testing model.
  • Broaden API coverage for reduced risk exposure.
  • Elevate the quality of API security testing.
  • Streamline operations for DevOps and DevSecOps teams.
  • Decrease integration time with existing development tools.
  • Boost efficiency and testing accuracy.
  • Prioritize API scanning for optimized R&D momentum.

Bright Security’s commitment to enabling organizations to deploy secure applications and APIs aligns seamlessly with the Salt Security vision to secure APIs across their full lifecycle, with the industry’s deepest insights into the API ecosystem. This partnership reaffirms the necessity for organizations to adopt a broad strategy to enable API security. As industry leaders collaborate, organizations gain the breadth of functionality needed to address the ever-increasing challenge of protecting APIs.

The rising frequency and severity of API-related vulnerabilities underscore the significance of this collaboration. Recent reports indicate that a staggering 94% of enterprises have confronted security challenges with their production APIs over the last year.

“We are excited to partner with Bright Security to offer a comprehensive API security solution that sets a new standard in safeguarding enterprises’ digital assets,” said Gilad Barzilay, Head of Business Development at Salt Security. “By combining our deep API intelligence with Bright’s dynamic testing, we’re empowering developers to forge more secure code from the outset, creating a strong defense against today’s sophisticated API-based attacks.”

Gadi Bashvitz, CEO of Bright Security, stated, “Teaming up with Salt Security positions Bright at the forefront of the API security domain. By tapping into the vast API intelligence at the heart of the Salt platform, we can offer our clients an unprecedented level of security, ensuring their APIs remain resilient against evolving threats. Our combined capabilities mean organizations can expect more robust governance over their application security, while developers can address vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of the development lifecycle.”

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About Bright Security

Bright Security is a developer-centric Dynamic Application Security Testing Solution, also known as a DAST. Founded in 2018. Bright’s mission is to enable organizations to ship secure Applications and APIs at the speed of business. The company does this by enabling quick & iterative scans to identify true and critical security vulnerabilities without compromising on quality, or software delivery speeds. Bright empowers AppSec teams to provide the governance for securing APIs and web apps while enabling developers to take ownership of the actual security testing and remediation work early in the SDLC.

Bright is SOC2 and ISO compliant and has been recognized in 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards. The company raised a $20 million series A in 2022.

About Salt Security

Salt Security protects the APIs that form the core of every modern application. Its patented API Protection Platform is the only API security solution that combines the power of cloud-scale big data and time-tested ML/AI to detect and prevent API attacks. By correlating activities across millions of APIs and users over time, Salt delivers deep context with real-time analysis and continuous insights for API discovery, attack prevention, and hardening APIs. Deployed quickly and seamlessly integrated within existing systems, the Salt platform gives customers immediate value and protection, so they can innovate with confidence and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. For more information, visit:

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