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About the company

Bright is a rapidly growing, top-tier venture-funded company, focusing on developer-centric application security for the enterprise. We enable organizations to fix security issues before they reach production by integrating security early in the software development process, reducing reliance on manual testing, and running scans frequently.


We are looking for a highly passionate, professional, hands-on software and team player QA Automation Engineer to join our R&D team.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and build applications that allow the world’s biggest enterprises to test their applications.

This is a remote position.

About the product

The company is developing a SaaS product that empowers Application Security & Development teams to find and fix vulnerabilities iteratively at every step in the SDLC, without slowing them down.

Sphere of operation: Application Security Testing

Key Responsibilities:

  • Test Planning and Strategy. Develop and implement comprehensive test plans and strategies for the DAST solution.
  • Automated Test Scripting. Design, develop, and maintain automated test scripts using industry-standard tools and frameworks.
  • Regression Testing. Execute automated regression tests to validate new software releases and ensure existing functionalities remain intact.
  • Integration Testing. Conduct integration testing to verify the seamless interaction between different modules and components of the DAST solution.
  • Performance Testing (Optional). If applicable, perform performance testing to evaluate the system’s responsiveness, stability, and scalability under varying load conditions.
  • Defect Identification and Reporting. Identify, document, and track software defects using issue tracking systems, and collaborate with the development team for resolution.
  • Code Review and Analysis. Review automated test scripts for quality, efficiency, and adherence to coding standards.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Integrate automated testing into CI/CD pipelines to facilitate continuous testing and delivery.
  • Collaboration with Development Team. Work closely with developers to understand software design and architecture, and provide feedback on testability and code quality.
  • Documentation and Reporting. Maintain comprehensive documentation of test cases, test results, and automation scripts for knowledge sharing and auditing purposes.
  • Tool and Framework Evaluation. Research and recommend appropriate automation testing tools and frameworks to enhance testing efficiency.
  • Adherence to Best Practices. Stay updated with industry best practices in software testing and automation, and implement them in the testing process.
  • Knowledge Sharing. Share expertise with the QA team and contribute to continuous improvement initiatives within the department.


  • 5+ years experience in QA, including 3+ years experience in QA Automation
  • Strong knowledge of test cases and test plan creation, testing estimation
  • Testing web applications – both manual and automation
  • API testing using Postman, Insomnia, etc
  • Sufficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript; working with browser console
  • Understanding of OOP and design patterns such as Page Object
  • Creation of e2e autotests using Cypress, Protractor, etc
  • Working with Git
  • Understanding of Agile SW development model
  • Working with Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Working with TestRail
  • At least B1+ English level

Nice to Have: 

  • Performance, load and\or security testing
  • Regular expressions
  • Autotests parallelization
  • CI/CD test integration


  • Competitive salary
  • Ability to work from home
  • Paid vacation (18 days a year), state holidays and sick leave
  • World-class security experts changing the world of application and API security. Do it with us.
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace. Bright is an equal-opportunity employer and our team is composed of individuals from many diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and locations.

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