Supercharge Your App Security at the Speed of DevOps​

Say hello to Bright, your one-stop solution for Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) built for DevOps velocity. Integrate it smoothly into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and empower both your AppSec and Dev teams to identify and mend vulnerabilities—no speed bumps allowed. Get top-tier security across web applications, Single Page Apps, microservices, and APIs, all with low false positives.

Fast Scanning

Low False-Positives

Remediation Instructions


Features That Set Us Apart

IDE Integration: Code Securely in Real Time

Our Visual Studio extension lets you initiate scans, spot vulnerabilities, and tackle issues without ever leaving your coding environment.

Low False Positives

Say goodbye to manual validations. Bright’s DAST auto-verifies each vulnerability, so you focus only on what really matters.

Unmatched Attack Surface Insight

From HAR files to OpenAPI/Swagger and Postman Collections, we've got it all covered. Our proprietary crawler mimics human interaction to the tee, ensuring a comprehensive scan.

Beyond the Basics: Business Logic Vulnerabilities

We don't just stick to the OWASP Top 10. Our Business Logic Security Testing provides a more rounded vulnerability assessment.

Developer-Centric, Security Approved

Run scans via the CLI or integrate directly into your CI/CD pipeline with our .yaml configuration files. Enjoy developer-friendly remediation guidelines alongside robust security dashboards.

SDLC and CI/CD: Better Together

With our scalable SaaS technology, integrating Bright is a breeze. Achieve rapid, comprehensive security testing effortlessly.

Easy setup. Iterative scanning in SDLC with minimal false positives

Wesley Ferreira
Security Analyst, Nova8

Boost Your AppSec:

Cover more ground and fix vulnerabilities faster.


Minimize expenses tied to manual penetration testing.

Confidence in DevSecOps:

Streamline security within your DevOps practices.

Empower Developers:

Make security a natural part of the development process.

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