Hands-on Workshop
Achieving DevSecOps with
Developer-first DAST

3rd February 2022, 4pm CET

Why you need to join this workshop:

DevOps and DevSecOps is all about automation and everyone across the pipeline needs to think about security. Developers are delivering fast and security testing needs to be scalable and put into the hands of developers, but current security testing blocks your automation, creates bottlenecks and just delays releases…but it doesn’t have to…NeuraLegion’s developer-first Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner enables developers to detect, prioritise and remediate security issues in their applications and APIs early and often in their CICD, on every commit, with NO false positives / alerts, without slowing you down.Join this workshop to learn different ways developers can access NeuraLegion’s scanner and start scanning without leaving the terminal!

What you'll cover:

  • What developer-first DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) actually is and how it works
  • See where and how a modern, accurate dev-first DAST fits in the CI/CD
  • Integrate NeuraLegion’s Nexploit scanner with GitHub Actions
  • Understand how modern applications, APIs and authentication mechanisms can be tested
  • Fork a repo, set up a pipeline, run security tests and look at the results
  • Prerequisites: We will supply these ahead of time to be emailed to all registrants

Security Testing, Made Simple


Simple and easy to use, start scanning in minutes

Actionable reports

Clearly understand what you need to do to secure your application. Fast.


No false positives


Scan your Web Apps, APIs (REST & SOAP, GraphQL & more), Web sockets or mobile


GitHub, Jira, Slack, Monday and more!

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