Hands-On Workshop
Secure your apps for 2022!

With Application and API Security Testing Automation for Developers

Dec 21, 9am PST/6pm CET:
2 hours


All workshop participants will receive an expanded free account with 22 (instead of 5) FREE monthly scan hours for the whole of 2022!

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Now is the time to make 2022 the year you supercharge your security testing automation with NeuraLegion!

We’d love to show you how you and your teams can start to detect, prioritize and remediate security issues on every commit.

Join this fun, hands-on technical workshop. By the end, you’ll be a pro on how to use and integrate our NO false positive DAST scanner across your development pipelines.

We’ll go through the process end-to-end: setting up a pipeline, running security tests and looking at the results.

We’ll cover:

  • Where and how DAST fits in your CI/CD
  • Integrating NeuraLegion’s scanner with GitHub Actions
  • Fork a repo, set up a pipeline, run a security test and look at the results
  • API security testing and how easy it is with NeuraLegion
  • Understand how multiple authentication mechanisms can be tested


To join in on the fun you will need the following:

  • NeuraLegion DAST scanner account – Sign up here – it’s free, literally takes minutes, with no credit card
  • A GitHub Account – we’ll be forking a repo, running a GitHub actions workflow together and running a security scan!
  • Join our Discord for on-the-go support during the workshop and beyond: https://discord.gg/tSKSfzYWtD

Security Testing, Made Simple


Simple and easy to use, start scanning in minutes

Actionable reports

Clearly understand what you need to do to secure your application. Fast.


No false positives


Scan your Web Apps, APIs (REST & SOAP, GraphQL & more), Web sockets or mobile


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