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See how dev-centric DAST for the enterprise secures your business.

Web attacks

Continuous security testing for web applications at high-scale.

API attacks

Safeguard your APIs no matter how often you deploy.

Business logic attacks

Future-proof your security testing with green-flow exploitation testing.

LLM attacks

Next-gen security testing for LLM & Gen AI powered applications and add-ons.

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Security testing throughout the SDLC - in your team’s native stack.


Connecting your security stack & resolution processes seamlessly.


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Getting started with Bright and implementing it in your enterprise stack.

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Elevate your security posture with our integrations

“As the demand for developer security grows we are always looking to expand our partner ecosystem and help businesses all over the world capitalize on that opportunity. Our latest partnership with Bright will help us continue our mission to empower developers all over the world with dev-first security by offering our mutual customers the ability to integrate Snyk into existing workflows, tools and processes while helping Bright Security accelerate their move to DevSecOps.” 

Jill Wilkins

Senior Director Global Alliances



Circle CI

Circle CI




Microsoft Azure


Travis CI

Azure Pipelines

GitHub Actions

Built for enterprise-grade scale & security

Built for enterprises with high-scale concurrent scanning needs without sacrificing an inch on security and standards. SSO, RBAC, and audit logs, all on-demand.



Navigating the Threat Landscape of Business Logic Attacks

Business Logic Attacks exploit the intended functionalities and processes of an application, manipulating workflows and bypassing traditional security measures. Unlike conventional attacks that target technical vulnerabilities, BLAs misuse the application’s legitimate features. As applications grow in complexity, they necessitate more rules to govern their behavior, inadvertently opening doors for attackers to exploit these rules for malicious purposes.


Analyzing the Limitations of OWASP JuiceShop as a Benchmarking Target for DAST Tools


Using SAST and DAST Integration for Reducing Alert Fatigue

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