Protect your application against CSRF

You don’t have to be a security expert to protect your applications against CSRF. 
Detect cross site request forgery attack and thousands of other vulnerabilities in a few easy clicks.

What is CSRF?

Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF), also known as Sea Surf or Session Riding is a web security vulnerability that tricks a web browser into executing an unwanted action. It allows an attacker to partly bypass the same-origin policy, which is meant to prevent different websites from interfering with each other.

When a website sends a data request to another website on behalf of a user along with the user’s session cookie, an attacker can launch a Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack, which abuses a trustful relationship between the victim’s browser and the web server.

Cross site request forgery prevention

In some cases the attacker can gain full control of the user’s account. If the compromised user has a privileged role within the application, the attacker might be able to take full control of all the application’s functionality and data, which is devastating to both the business and the user.

The result can be data theft, unauthorized fund transfers, damaged client relationships, changed passwords and many more.

Detect CSRF with the help of Bright

Automatically Tests Every Aspect of Your Apps

Scans any target, whether Web Apps, APIs (REST. & SOAP, GraphQL & more), or mobile, providing actionable reports


Seamlessly integrates with the Tools and Workflows You Already Use

Bright works with your existing CI/CD pipelines – trigger scans on every commit, pull request or build with unit testing.

Spin-Up, Configure and Control Scans with Code

One file. One command. One scan. No UI needed.


Super-Fast Scans

Interacts with applications and APIs, instead of just crawling them and guessing.

Scans are fast as our AI-Powered engine can understand application architecture and generate sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Get Started now and detect CSRF and thousands of other vulnerabilities in a few easy steps

Plays nice with your existing toolchain

Bright works with the tools developers already know and love, including CI/CD, GitHub, Jira, Slack and more.

Get clear remediation suggestions
Follow straightforward steps to remediate vulnerabilities that were identified to quickly fix vulnerabilities and deploy security.
No false positives

Stop chasing ghosts and wasting time. Bright doesn’t return false positives, so you can focus on releasing code.

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“We’re ecstatic to partner with Bright. Bright technology was simple to deploy and integrate into our customer engagements and began showing immediate value. Bright has reduced the amount of wall clock hours AND man hours we used to spend“

Bobby Kuzma,
CISSP Practice Director, Security Assessment & Testing

“Bright was exactly what needed: automated application security testing that lets us find complex issues without human interactions and with immediate, actionable results for developers, saving time and resources.“

Gil Shua,
Information Security Manager
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