Quick Adoption

Quick Adoption with Bright:
The Developer-Centric AppSec Solution

Bright isn’t just another AppSec solution—it’s meticulously crafted for rapid adoption by both AppSec teams and developers. With features and capabilities that align perfectly with developers’ needs, including IDE integration, Bright ensures an efficient and seamless experience right from the get-go.

How Bright Helps You With Quick Adoption?

1. Integration:

Seamless Integration into the Dev Workflow

2. Automated Scanning:

Automated and Continuous Scanning allows your developers to speed up their processes

3. Reporting:

Customizable and Developer-Friendly Reporting.


Built for Quick Adoption by AppSec and Developers

Our Global Customer Success Team is made up of AppSec experts committed to your 100% success and high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Partner with us to implement Bright’s solution both efficiently and effectively, giving your organization a strategic edge in application security.

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Powerful and intuitive user interface

Intuitive User Interface

Navigate effortlessly through Bright's intuitive and user-friendly interface. We’ve designed our platform to prioritize simplicity and clarity, so you can easily locate and utilize the features you need without wading through unnecessary complexities.


Developer-Centric Workflows and IDE Integration

Bright centers around development and Unit Testing workflows that you’re already familiar with. Easily launch Bright scans right from your IDE and work seamlessly without interrupting your existing processes.


Rich Integrations

Bright plays well with others. Integrate smoothly with popular development tools including IDEs, build automation tools, collaboration platforms, and issue trackers. These rich integrations streamline your workflows and completely eliminate the need for extensive configuration or setup.


Developer Support and Training

Your success is our mission. Bright’s Global Customer Success Team offers dedicated support and tailored training sessions just for developers. Receive personalized onboarding and training to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to fully leverage Bright.


Real-Time Remediation Feedback

Don't wait to be secure. Bright provides real-time remediation feedback that empowers developers to identify and remediate vulnerabilities instantly. This immediate feedback loop allows you to tackle potential security issues long before they make it to the production stage.


Automation and CI/CD Integration

Bright integrates effortlessly with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Automate your security testing as an integral part of your development process, enhancing productivity by significantly reducing manual efforts.


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