Rapid Deployment

The Rapidly Deployable AppSec Solution for Developers

Implement and deploy Bright’s developer-focused solution seamlessly across every phase of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our unique approach enables integration right at the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) level, making it incredibly easy for organizations to adopt a Shift Left strategy.

Why Choose Bright Over Legacy DAST Tools?

1. IDE Integration:

Deploy easily without the need for extensive setup.

2. Reduced Admin Overheads:

No need to configure firewall settings, schema location, or compile authentication credentials.

3. Efficiency:

Speed up your development and security processes with our streamlined solution.


Achieve Rapid Deployment with Bright’s Customer Success Team

Our Global Customer Success Team is made up of AppSec experts committed to your 100% success and high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Partner with us to implement Bright’s solution both efficiently and effectively, giving your organization a strategic edge in application security.

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Proven and Trusted Path to Success in 90 Days or Less

We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our solution that we guarantee significant enhancements in the security of your applications and APIs within 90 days—or even less. Both AppSec professionals and developers can trust Bright to secure their digital assets effectively.


Extensive Training and Enablement

Our Customer Success Team provides far more than just onboarding. We offer a proactive and collaborative training program that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and support to leverage Bright’s capabilities fully.

Training Includes

Platform Overview

Managing Scan Results





Structured Touch Points Include:

Weekly/Monthly Progress Meetings

Frequent Ad Hoc Technical Meetings

Periodic Business Reviews

Ongoing Technical Support

Structured Customer Success Touchpoints

We believe in a holistic approach to customer success. Throughout your journey with Bright, you’ll receive continuous support, value, and attention to ensure you achieve your business goals.

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