The Combination of Bright and Snyk Finds Vulnerabilities Faster and Accelerates Remediation

Bright enables organizations to ship secure Applications and APIs at the speed of business by enabling quick and iterative scans to identify true and critical security vulnerabilities without compromising on quality or software delivery speeds. 

Bright’s developer-centric DAST scanner empowers AppSec and development teams to shift AppSec testing left and scan for vulnerabilities early on in the SDLC.

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Automatically Correlate Vulnerabilities from SAST and DAST

With the combination of Snyk Code and the Bright dev-centric DAST solution, organizations can detect a broader range of security vulnerabilities, covering both code-level and “black box” testing. 

Customers benefit from early vulnerability detection, reduction in false-positives with execution testing well before production, and integration into the CI/CD workflow.

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How it Works

Snyk Code scans source code

Bright runs tests against running code

Bright shows correlated issues and they are presented to developers for immediate remediation.

Issue name CWE Snyk Unique ID Bright Unique ID
Cross-site Scripting (XSS) CWE-79 ID#b7dae ID#ID#cHmgT
Cross-site Scripting (XSS) CWE-79 ID#063a7 ID#trNW9
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) CWE-918 ID#3909e ID#2CiaW
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) CWE-918 ID#876d0 ID#2JEsN
Command Iniection CWE-78 ID#70163 ID#gGnbb
SOL Iniection CWE-89 ID#a06e7 ID#myayD
Cross-site Scripting (XSS) CWE-79 ID#5dac6 ID#n5n5V
XML External Entity (XXE) Injection CWE-611 ID#ff85e ID#qQMxU
Open Redirect CWE-601 ID#63665 ID#1dD8h


Why Bright and Snyk are better together

Correlated Findings

Comprehensive Coverage

Early Detection

Continuous Testing

Real-World Simulation

Validation and Reduction of False Positives

“Our latest partnership with Bright will help us continue our mission to empower developers all over the world with dev-first security by offering our mutual customers the ability to integrate Snyk into existing workflows,tools and processes while helping Bright Security accelerate their move to DevSecOps.”

Jill Wilkins,
Senior Director Global Alliances, Snyk

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