Protect your Apps against XSS in Minutes

You don’t have to be a security expert to protect your applications against XSS. Detect Stored, Reflected and DOM-based XSS in a few easy clicks.

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While Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools are able to test for some XSS vulnerabilities, they are often limited and produce a high ratio of false positives.

False-Positive Free XSS Testing with Bright

Maximum coverage

Bright can automatically crawl your applications to test for reflected, stored and DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities, giving you maximum coverage


Seamlessly integrates with the tools and Workflows you already use

Bright works with your existing CI/CD pipelines – trigger scans on every commit, pull request or build with unit testing.

No False-Positives - Trust your results

Engineering and security teams can trust Bright’s results, with automatic validation of every XSS finding carried out, with no false positives. Bright even generates a screenshot as proof of concept.


Developer friendly remediation advice to fix issues quickly and early

The scan report comes with comprehensive developer friendly remediation advice to fix issues quickly and early.

Testing variance Using Legacy Dast Using Dev-Centric Dast
% of orgs knowingly pushing vulnerable apps & APIs to prod 86% 50%
Time to remediate >Med vulns in prod 280 days <150 days
% of > Med vulns detected in CI, or earlier <5% ~55%
Dev time spent remediating vulns - Up to 60x faster
Happiness level of Engineering & AppSec teams - Significantly improved
Average cost of Data Breach (US) $7.86M $7.86M