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Bright has detected vulnerabilities that were previously missed by our other tools and more importantly, our manual testing.
The integration into the SDLC provides full automation, enhancing DevSecOps and has so far delivered an immediate ROI

The Challenge

  • Finding complex and hard to detect issues in the Application flow
  • Automate testing for OWASP 10 Top and similar issues
  • Integrate into an SDLC pipe to achieve DevSecOps
  • Produce actionable results without false-positives

The Solution

Bright SDLC integration worked flawlessly , the process was automated  from code writing to pre-production testing while finding complex issues without human interaction

Impact on the business

ROI with regards to smaller security needs , eliminating manual testing or diminishing their scale

Producing actionable and retestable results allow better flow for developers and make development time decrease

Finding unknown vulnerabilities in the system before it hits production saving costs and improving company status as a market leader

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