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Quizard Improves Security With Bright, by finding security vulnerabilities manual testing failed to detect

The Challenge

We are not security experts, we rely on our technological vendors for providing our platform security. Both the developers of our website and the hosting services provider confirmed our website was secure, but unfortunately, we had no way to validate that for ourselves.

The Solution

Using Bright was so simple, that we could even initiate a scan ourselves without any prior security training. The report we got was simple to understand, concise, yet comprehensive. It was very easy for us to validate our security ourselves and bring the results to our vendors to make sure the vulnerabilities they missed were taken care of.

Impact on the business

We are now much more secure and we feel safe knowing that we can do the security validation of our website ourselves, to a high standard and without any fuss. Using Bright saved us a lot of time and money, because we did not need to rely on our ineffective, costly and sporadic manual penetration testing, but can now validate our cyber posture on demand, as often as we like.

About Quizard

As a provider of large and diverse portfolio of online educational content, used by thousands of users, it is impretive that we keep our user’s personal data secure, as well as securing our educational content platform. We have invested significant effort and resources into building a secure framework for our users. Until now, the security of our platform was performed manually by the experts employed by our hosting provider. It only took NexDAST an hour to help us realize how vulnerable we were the whole time. The report we received from NexDAST was comprehensive but easy to understand, making the process of fixing the vulnerabilities we found a trivial matter, because the developers of our website got all the information they needed to remediate.




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