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12 Day of Security: Day 3


Speaker 1: Hi, I’m Tanya Janca. I am from Bright Security and I am hosting 12 Days of Security and we are on day three with Laura’s lawyers. Could you just introduce yourself a tiny bit for our viewers?


Speaker 2: Hi, Tanya. I’m Laura Goodrich. I’m chief information security officer for Brite Security. And I’m very glad to be here with you. And I hope that the viewers will enjoy this. This conversation we’re about to have.


Speaker 1: Awesome laws, keeps all of us at bright, safe and secure and in line. And what happened this year, Laura, is that you felt was significant in cybersecurity. What stood out to you?


Speaker 2: I would say that what stood out particularly to me were the numerous breaches that occurred this year at various companies. Namely, I would I would point out Uber, Dropbox and crypto as the cases that go to show you how serious consequences for a company can come out from seemingly light and attack techniques that like phishing and social engineering.


Speaker 1: Yeah, I noticed that, too. I’m. So those are some challenges. But what challenges do you have to face this year and how did you overcome cybersecurity challenges this year?


Speaker 2: Well, I. I generally like to say that there are no challenges when that cannot be faced with the right team and the right leadership. It seems that we have that. But Bryce was going to suck to that station this year and we have wrapped it up and we conducted a series of deep dive awareness raising activities which was very, very important. And we had to we had to be very careful about it and we wrapped it up successfully.


Speaker 1: Didn’t we get SOC one and SOC two? That’s kind of awesome.


Speaker 2: SOC one and SOC two. Both type two. Yeah, I, I really think that, that we did a number on that and I’m proud of it and proud of everything that we’ve accomplished there. Yeah.


Speaker 1: Amazing. So so we talked about last year. Let’s talk about next year. Do you have any predictions, good or bad, for next year?


Speaker 2: For next year. Honestly, I expect critical breaches to be on the rise, but I’m also expecting security awareness to be on the rise as well. I expected circumstances will emphasise the ever growing importance of good security and cybersecurity posture, secure development and creating quality products from the get go where hopefully companies will utilise and benefit with bright offers in the field of left shifting dynamic application testing.


Speaker 1: Nice. Nice. So now for the very silly question, if you could have a security gift and it could be anything, it could be like a wish that you have. So reality does not matter. You could have anything that you want. What would it be?


Speaker 2: Well, that’s a that’s a very tempting question with a lot of potential answers. I’ve I’ve actually been thinking about that lately. And what I believe, you know, this is just my perspective. But cyberspace may have been a welcome addition to to everyday life and an indispensable asset for for many of us. However, cyberspace is also dangerous and risky, as real life can get, perhaps with different impacts, different threats, which we have yet to make people in their private and professional life realize that and have everyone make protective measures, steps and decisions. So if if I have one wish and it would be more cyber consciousness for everyone, individuals and companies alike, because I think we could we could all benefit from that.


Speaker 1: I love it. I think I want that to be my wish to actually like if more people just even just ask the question of, is this a good idea? That’s great, Chris, thank you so much. So to repeat for everyone, this is the 12 days of security and this is day three with warriors. And we want to wish all of you a happy holiday from Bright.


Speaker 2: Happy holidays, everyone.

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