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12 Days of Security: Day 1


Speaker 1: Hi. Welcome to the 12 days of security with Brite Security. My name is Tanya Janca. I am your host of Day one of 12 days of Security. And my guest here today is Kyle Kelly of Bright. Kyle, welcome.


Speaker 2: Thank you so much, Tanya. Like she said, my name is Kyle Kelly. I am the first sales development representative at Brite. I currently reside in the Bay Area, California. And I guess just a little about me, I am a huge fan of sports and food. I’m a huge foodie as well.


Speaker 1: Me too. I would like to say I like those things as well.


Speaker 2: Perfect. Perfect for the holiday season too.


Speaker 1: So what happened this year in cybersecurity or or in recent years that really stood out to you?


Speaker 2: Yeah, I would say this year something that stood out to me was kind of the rise and fall of crypto and how it just really fluctuated and the breach that happened as well and just breaches this year just really did stick out to me. There was another one I heard of a lot more recently with Dropbox, where that one was actually a product of a phishing, a phishing attempt, and it was something like 130 of their source code repositories got exposed maliciously. So I’d say those two things really just stick out to me this year for sure.


Speaker 1: Absolutely. Oh my gosh, how scary. Yeah. So what challenges did you face this year and how did you overcome them?


Speaker 2: Yeah, and I just mentioned the the phishing attempt that Dropbox is kind of personally foreboding for me to and I thought my biggest challenge in cybersecurity was going to be my new job at Bright but did not turn out to be that child’s been great very smooth. But what happened was when I was a new employee, I was the victim of a phishing attempt. They were impersonating my CEO, saying that they were in a meeting, needed this, that and the other. But I was able to overcome it by using a second factor of authentication. Used a company work line through Slack to verify the number, and it turned out that was not the CEO and I was able to notify my CSO and kind of save our skins that way.


Speaker 1: So actually, it kind of sounds like you beat the challenge. I mean, in my opinion.


Speaker 2: Definitely. Definitely. And it’s just a product of the training and Stan Vigilant. So definitely appreciate it.


Speaker 1: Okay. So a thing I really like to ask people, I know I’m putting you on the spot a bit, but do you have any predictions for next year for security or industry or trends or anything at all? It could be good or it could be bad.


Speaker 2: Um, well, I would say just the trend is just going to be towards locking down, I mean, more AI powered security, stronger security with things being so much further automated. We already have online banking, but now we have digital wallets. All of this automation is just going to require more and more security and more and more left shifting security with with right.


Speaker 1: Oh, no, I love it. I love it. I want these things too. So so if you could have a security gift for the holidays and it could be literally anything, what would the gift be?


Speaker 2: Good question, I would say. I think I’d have to get selfish on that one. I would say my gifts. I would want my favorite the venues that my favorite teams play at and the organizations that they represent to be represented by Bright, to use bright as their tool, as their DAS tool. So that’s everyone from my favorite Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center, the Allegiance Center with the Raiders, Oracle Park with the Giants, and even Levi’s Stadium with the 49 ERs. I mean, all great organizations. And I think it could be an awesome fit. So that’d be my view.


Speaker 1: I feel lots of pride when it’s like they’re a customer of the company I work at and I’m a customer of theirs. It’s like, nice synergy. I’m like, Good. I know you guys have a good security program. This is awesome.


Speaker 2: Absolutely. Absolutely.


Speaker 1: Okay. Well, thank you so much, Kyle, for being on the 12 days of security for Brite Security. And I want to wish you and everyone else a happy holiday. Hi, everyone.

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