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12 days of security: Day 6


Speaker 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome to the 12 days of Security with Bright Security. My name is Amanda McCarvill and I am your host for day six. And today with me I have Natalia Brandt, who is one of our QA automation engineers. Welcome, Natalia.


Speaker 2: Thank you so much, Amanda. My name is Natalia and I’m an engineer at Bright. I’m a kind of security of box from box. And I’m. I really like movies serious. And I’m a huge fan of both and computer games. So it’s a little. Think about me. You can go.


Speaker 1: Fantastic. I’m a big fan of computer games as well. So what happened this year in cybersecurity that really stood out to you?


Speaker 2: Um, we had many different cyber attack in our country, but most of all, I, I remember that user database or one site where I used to order food was hacked and posted, but the data of this users for free access and I ever had a few calls from scammers who tried to steal my money and but I realized that these are scammers and blocked them. So yes, it was unforgettable event for me.


Speaker 1: Fair enough. Well, at least you recognized it and they didn’t get any of your money. That’s all about.


Speaker 2: That.


Speaker 1: So on a more personal note, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?


Speaker 2: I have faced many challenges this year since the year is full of events and almost several security. Given my experience with scammers, I realized that you need to careful look at the letters that you receive. You don’t have to take the word of people who call on the phone. All information must be verified in various ways, otherwise believing one source, you can suffer greatly. So yes, I manage it and I will manage it.


Speaker 1: That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s great advice for everyone. We need to be careful about the phone calls, messages, everything. We will see you. So what do you predict will happen in the next year? Both the good and the bad.


Speaker 2: From the bad side? I unfortunately, I think cybercrime will develop further. They will keep coming up with new ways to get our data. But thanks to companies like Brite, many customers will be able to avoid such serious attacks. They will be able to defend themselves because we don’t stand still. We continue to develop every day starting and developing new ways to protect in bright. My good forecast.


Speaker 1: Definitely. Yeah. And so last question here. What security gift do you want for the holidays? So this could be literally a gift or a wish you have such as every developer gets secure code training.


Speaker 2: I would really like that many customers would choose our company for cybersecurity checks and not only in North America but also in Asia. I’m sure there is still a huge pool of customers that we can attract, and I would very much like the geography of our company’s customer to expand. That’s my wish.


Speaker 1: Well, that is an awesome wish.


Speaker 2: Yes.


Speaker 1: Thank you so much for joining me today, Natalia. And being on the 12 days of security and to you and everyone watching, I want to wish you all a happy holidays by everyone.


Speaker 2: Thank you. Bye bye. Thank you.

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