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12 days of security: Day 9

Speaker 1: Hi, everyone, and welcome to the 12 days of Security with great security. My name is Amanda McCarvill and I’m your host for day nine. And with me today I have Dor Shaer, who is one of our customer success engineers. Hi, Dor.

Speaker 2: Thank you, Amanda, for introducing me. So, hi, everyone. My name is Dor. I’m a part of the Customer Success engineers here in Bright Security and just a little bit about myself. So I’m a huge fan of, first of all, cybersecurity, of course, and then gaming. I mean, I’m a huge fan of gaming, so just, you know, shooting games and mobile games and music. So, yeah, so and I’m also I’m lucky enough, you know, to, to be able to combine my two passions. So in addition to my day-to-day job, I also participate from time to time in gaming competitions with my team.

Speaker 1: Oh, that’s awesome. Fantastic. So can you tell us what happened this year in cyber security that really stood out to you?

Speaker 2: Um, so if I have to pick, you know, just one thing, it will probably be the Microsoft data breach in March this year. I think it had a significant impact on companies, you know, leading many to take steps to protect their organization and to implement shift left strategies. You know, the bridge served as a wake up call for companies to prioritize cybersecurity and to take proactive measures to prevent future attacks. And I think that this is the reason for the increased adoption of digital, you know, like, like bright, which reflects the reflects the growing concern over cybersecurity and the need for robust solutions to protect against potential threats. I’m happy to see big security companies trusting us for being the security solution.

Speaker 1: Definitely. I could not agree more. So on a more personal note, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Speaker 2: Oh, so as a member of a customer success team, you need to be you need to be able to deliver the expectations of for our customers effectively and provide valuable insights to the R&D team. This year, in addition to my professional responsibilities, I also face the exciting but challenging experience of getting married and beginning a new chapter in my personal life. The biggest challenge was to balance my commitment to work and my personal obligations. So I would like to give a shout out to my wife for an unwavering support and understanding. She always encouraged me to pursue my passions and giving me the freedom to do what I love without worrying about anything else.

Speaker 1: Huh? Awesome. Well, congratulations on your marriage. That’s fantastic.

Speaker 2: Thank you very much.

Speaker 1: Of course. So what do you think will happen in the next year? What would you predict would happen? Both the good and the bad?

Speaker 2: Um, that’s a good question. So I think that automation with the focus on AI and machine learning is expected to play a significant role in our lives in 2023 and beyond. Last year, last year we saw the impact that GPT chat had in the world and this week is only only further highlighted the potential of these technologies. I think I think it’s cool that developers may have to do less troubleshooting, but I mean as a result of this thing. But the downside, if I have to pick just a bad thing, it will be I think it leads us to think, think less as the machines do most of the job for us. So I think that this is the bad thing. But yeah.

Speaker 1: Absolutely. Yeah. I feel like with a lot of new trends, there’s always some good and some bad, right? It’s a bit of a gamble.

Speaker 2: Yeah, but Chip had had a really significant, you know, just, just today, when I’m using chat as everyone else do. So it’s really a really cool tool with automation in AI, but it’s going to change the world. GPT four, for example, is coming next month and is going to change everything we know so far.

Speaker 1: Absolutely. So my last question for you here. What security gift do you want for the holidays? So this could be literally a gift or a wish you might have, such as every developer getting secure code training.

Speaker 2: Oh, every developer get security. Oh, no, no, I’m kidding. So, yeah, this week, my friend and I, we were discussing the fact that information security can make people’s lives more secure, but also more difficult. So today’s computers, you know, you can hack passwords in minutes or even seconds, which can, you know, has led banks, social networks and other organizations to implement stricter security like, you know, OTP, strong password captures and all of them are time-consuming and inconvenient. So I think it leads for older individuals to keep up with the technology. So my biggest I think that my biggest security gift will be you know everyone will be able to find and, you know, make cyber security easier and accessible for everyone. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Fantastic. Well, thank you so much, Joy, for being with me today. On the 12 days of security and for you and everyone watching, I want to wish you all a happy holidays. Bye, everyone.

Speaker 2: Bye bye.

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