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A Walkthrough of the Nexploit Onboarding Wizard

Speaker 1: Welcome to Nexploit. In this video, you will learn how to sign up for the NexPloit application and go through the onboarding wizard. We will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to start scanning applications and APIs for security vulnerabilities. Let’s get started in your browser search for the next Beloit application. On the welcome page, you can sign up for a free account using one of three options. In this video, we will show you how to sign up via email. Fill in the required fields. The email address you specify here will then be used for a verification email. Make sure to create a strong password. The password is considered strong when it meets all the listed requirements. Click, create a free account and check your inbox for the verification email. If you haven’t found the email from neural region in the default folder, please check the spam and promotions folders as well. In the email body click verify email. You will be redirected to the next login page where you should sign in for the first time with your credentials. Once you sign in, you need to create an organization for your scanning projects. Later, you can invite other users to your organization and divide them into groups. But for now, let’s give a name to the organization. Click create. We have come to the most important stage of the setup process, the onboarding wizard. With this wizard, you will be able to easily install the next Beloit Command line interface or simply CLI and connect a local repeater to scan targets in your private environment with our cloud engine. Next, Beloit provides three options for installing the CLI so you can select the one that suits you best and follow the instructions given for the selected flow. In this video we will demonstrate how to install the CLI and run a repeater using the Docker image. If you have already used Docker on your machine, you simply need to download a pre configured docker container with the exploit repeater. To do this, open your console and execute the relevant pull command. If you do not have docker on your machine, please install it first and then proceed to the pull command. You can make sure the installation worked by executing the version command. It should return the latest repeater version. Once the Docker container is downloaded, you need to start the repeater. For that execute the copied run command that is generated specifically for your user. Congratulations. You successfully created an account, installed the exploit cly and connected the repeater. You can start making your applications or APIs secure right now. To learn how to run your first scan, watch our videos for running scans with different discovery types or visit our knowledge base. Thanks for watching and happy scanning with Exploit from all of us at NeuraLegion.

Testing variance Using Legacy Dast Using Dev-Centric Dast
% of orgs knowingly pushing vulnerable apps & APIs to prod 86% 50%
Time to remediate >Med vulns in prod 280 days <150 days
% of > Med vulns detected in CI, or earlier <5% ~55%
Dev time spent remediating vulns - Up to 60x faster
Happiness level of Engineering & AppSec teams - Significantly improved
Average cost of Data Breach (US) $7.86M $7.86M