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Adding a User to a Nexploit Organization

Speaker 1: Welcome to NexPloit. In this video, you will learn how to add a user to your next Floyd organization. Before you start, please make sure that your role in the next NexPloit Organization includes the org access scope or org membership. Colon Manage. You won’t be able to invite a user without these access scopes. The process of adding a user consists of several steps. First, you invite the user via email. Then the user accepts the invitation and creates an account in the exploit application. And finally, after the user verifies their new account via email, they’re ready to get started. Let’s see it in practice. Go to the next Void application in the Left Pane Select organization. My role in this organization is owner, which allows me to add another user. In the member’s section. Click invite member. Enter the user’s name. An email Where to send the invitation? Assign the user a role and click invite. The new user will appear in the member section with the label invited and should get an invitation via the specified email. Now it is the turn of the invited user to take action. They should open the email from Neural legion and click. Join your team. After that, they will be redirected to the next point. Welcome page. To continue, the user must create an account using one of the provided options. For example, we will sign up for next Beloit using an email. Once the account is created, the user receives another email with a verification link. This link redirects to the next point login page where the user must enter their credentials. Only after the user logs in to exploit for the first time will they become an approved member in your organization. Thanks for watching and happy scanning with Exploit from all of us at NeuraLegion.