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How to start a security scan with a HAR file?

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Exploit. In this video, you will learn how to start a security scan with an uploaded ha file. Next, Deloitte uses data recorded in HAR files to define the attack surface of the target and optimize the selected security tests. Using a ha, you can easily run a scan on a specific part of your application instead of testing the entire target. This type of scoping will save time when running an exploit on every new build as part of the software development lifecycle. Let’s get started. Go to the next Floyd application in the left pane. Select the scans option and click new scan. To create a basic scan with minimal settings. Use the default standard setup mode. Alternatively, you can configure extended parameters for a new scan in the advanced setup mode. In this video we are using the standard setup mode. From the Scan Targets dropdown list Select website via recorded session. Upload the HA file you want to use for the scan if you don’t know how to create a horror file, see our video about creating HA files. Importing the file can take some time so you can proceed with other settings in the meantime. Some Target hosts may require authorization. In this case, you need to select a running repeater from the dropdown list. Once the HA file has been uploaded, select the hosts to be scanned. Those hosts are automatically determined from the recorded ha. That’s it. You have completed the setup. Now click start scan. You can monitor the scan process and check the results on the scans page. Thanks for watching and happy scanning with exploit from all of us at near Legion.

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