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Setting up a Custom Role

Speaker 1: Welcome to Nexploit. In this video, you will learn how to create a custom role and assign it to a user of your organization. Please note that you can set up a custom role only if you are an admin or an owner in your Nexploit organization. Different custom roles allow you to grant specific scanning and management permissions to other users of the organization. Such permissions are predefined by the access scopes that you select for each particular role. A full list of available access scopes with their description is provided on our knowledge base. You can assign the created role either to a new or an existing user of your organization. And now let’s see in practice how to set up a role which will provide unrestricted access to the organization and scan management. Go to the Nexploit application. In the Left Pane, select organization. My role in this organization is the owner, which allows me to create a custom role. Scroll down to the roles section and click new role. In the dialog box, enter a name for the role and a brief description of the permissions it grants. Select the scopes that provide unrestricted access to the organization and scan management, which are org and scans. Click create. The new role appears at the end of the roles list. Now let’s assign the created role to an existing member of the organization. For that, scroll up to the members section and select the user you want to assign the role to. From the role dropdown list, select the created role and confirm changing the current role for the user on the pop up. That’s it. Now, this user has the permissions defined by the new role. The same way you can select this role for a new user when inviting them. Thanks for watching and happy scanning with Nexploit from all of us at NeuraLegion. 


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