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The world’s first AI power application security testing solution interview at InfoSecurity Europe



Speaker 1: NeuraLegion has a platform for application security testing that uses artificial intelligence for full automation of the testing process. We use AI to discover those zero day unknown vulnerabilities. Our solution covers three main issues within the application security testing market. First and foremost is the detection capabilities. We’ve developed a suite of solutions that mimics an ethical hacker with a fully automated platform to discover your zero days and unknown vulnerabilities. Secondly, we have the accuracy issues with the current automated tools. Those tools deliver a large number of false positives in their reporting. Our solution being active in its approach only validates vulnerabilities that we’re actually able to exploit because of the very active nature of our solution. With our unrivaled detection capabilities and indeed the accuracy with our zero false positive reporting, what that provides organizations is scalability. It provides you with the scalability to get the most comprehensive testing capabilities on the market. And you’re able to do that with not one, not ten, but hundreds of applications, which using the current automated tools and indeed manual testing is simply not not possible.

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