Key Challenge

Disproportionate resources

Security professionals are outnumbered 500 to one by Developers

* GitHub Security Lab

Organizations report one Security Architect for every 159 Developers**

** Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM) 11

The answer is a Shifted Left DAST

Developers: Execution

  • Iterative scanning in SDLC
  • Security baked into sprint planning
  • Increased velocity of releases

AppSec: Governance & Validation

  • Testing & remediation guidelines
  • More focus on educating champions
  • Freeing of resources for business critical tasks

Testing variance

% of orgs knowingly pushing vulnerable apps & APIs to prod

Using Legacy DAST


Using Dev-Centric DAST


Scaling Developer-Centric DAST for the Enterprise


AppSec provides governance, developers run most scans automatically


Run iterative scans throughout the SDLC


Depending on the framework, we can cover OWASP top 10, OWASP API top 10, MITRE 25, etc. at the unit testing level


Earn from every step & optimize

  • Optimize discovery
  • Prioritize tests, e.g., exclude XSS & scan for SQLi


Automatically receive remediation suggestions

Benefits of using Bright Security

Low false positives

Identify & remediate vulnerabilities early

Complete visibility for AppSec & Development

Build Secure Applications. FAST

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