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Bright Product Update – June 2021

July 9, 2021
Nera Besic

This blog post announces the June 2021 Update for Bright.
We added some new features and product enhancements that will make your experience even better.

New Features:

You can now upgrade to the Pro plan on your own

We have officially released our self-service billing system! You can now easily upgrade your free plan to a Pro plan! The Pro plan expands the number of scan hours and developers, and enables new features:

  • 3 ticketing integrations (Jira, Github, Slack, Azure, GitLab, Monday)
  • Export reports to PDF and JSON
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • User and organization APIs

Check it out!

GitLab Ticketing Integration

You can now open tickets for found issues directly in your GitLab repositories! To enable, in your account, go to Organization and scroll down to Ticket Management Integration.

See documentation

Skip Slow Entry-Points Automatically

Speed up your scans by skipping the few slow endpoints that may cause a delay! (Don’t worry, you can always scan them separately later)

See documentation


Easier private cloud deployments with the ‘Cluster’ parameter in the CLI

Configure a Repeater for private cloud deployments more easily with the new ‘cluster’ parameter for the CLI

See documentation

New Scan Templates

We added a few new scan templates, including OWASP Top 10, and MITRE Top 25.

To run a scan from a template, go to Scans (click the button below), click on New Scan.  In the New Scan window, click on the Advanced tab (top-right), and click on Templates. Select your desired template from the list. That’s it!

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Test Your Web App for 10,000+ Attacks

See Our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) in Action

  • Find & fix vulnerabilities fast
  • Zero false positives
  • Developer friendly

and see how easy AppSec can be

Test Your Web App for 10,000+ Attacks

Integrate vulnerability testing into your DevOps pipeline. Find & fix vulnerabilities fast with zero false positives.
See Our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) in Action
Testing variance Using Legacy Dast Using Dev-Centric Dast
% of orgs knowingly pushing vulnerable apps & APIs to prod 86% 50%
Time to remediate >Med vulns in prod 280 days <150 days
% of > Med vulns detected in CI, or earlier <5% ~55%
Dev time spent remediating vulns - Up to 60x faster
Happiness level of Engineering & AppSec teams - Significantly improved
Average cost of Data Breach (US) $7.86M $7.86M