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Web Application Testing: Tips & Best Practices

What is Web Application Testing?

Web application testing is a process that ensures the application is ready to launch without safety concerns and reliability issues. Our main point of concern in web application testing is making sure that the security is up to the standard as security becomes a bigger and bigger issue on the internet with each passing day. 

Even more importantly, properly testing your application could potentially save you thousands upon thousands of dollars, as you won’t have to deal with constant pushbacks due to security issues.

Top Tips for Successfully Performing Web Application Testing

Regardless of the size of your application, web application testing is absolutely essential in making sure you are ahead of the curve in optimizing your code. 

The first step is always to perform an in-depth analysis of your application, identify weak points, and move on from there. This will give you a general idea of the scope you are working with and you will be able to prioritize testing based on the initial test results. 

Automation is not enough

Even though automated testing is taking over nowadays, it’s usually a good idea to use some manual testing as well in order to get the full picture. The combination of the two is usually the winning approach, and as such, you will not have doubts and concerns over potential holes in your application knowing that both the human and the machine had a good hard look at it. 

Input And Output Are Crucial

For most applications, input handlers are quite often the weak point that gets exploited in all sorts of ways. This is why you have to pay special attention to both input & output in your application’s processes and test them heavily in order to make sure that nobody unauthorized can enter your application through these channels. 

Think Like an Attacker

If you ever watched a buddy cop movie, you probably heard of the saying “think like a criminal”. Well, in this case, it applies perfectly! When testing your application, try to put yourself in a hacker’s mindset, and figure out what could be the main points of attack on your app. This will give you a different perspective, and often the more correct one, when dealing with potential vulnerabilities.

Have Bright Do It For You

If you try to follow all the correct steps in web application testing, it would probably get you a long way, but it would also take up a lot of your precious time. As we all know, time is money nowadays, which is why you probably can’t afford to spend months testing the security of your application before launching it.

This is where Bright comes in – we specialize in finding and remediating all vulnerabilities that your web application might come across. Try us out now – your application will be thanking us!