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Bright Product Update – August 2021

September 16, 2021
Nera Besic

This blog post announces the August 2021 Update for Bright.
We added some new features and product enhancements that will make your experience even better.

New Features:

New engine logs download

From now on there is no need to worry about downloading large engine logs. When needed, the full engine logs will be generated offline and will be available for download via an email notification.

Check it out!

New project issues page

Check out the new ‘Project Issue’ page, where each finding can be tracked over time over multiple scans. 

See documentation

Added CWE ID to found issues

We added the CWE ID for found issues to further help security teams triage the scan results more effectively 

See documentation

New ‘Smart Copy-Paste’ for headers input

Tired of manually filling out the required ‘Headers’ one-by-one?
Check out our new ‘smart copy’ option with the new ‘Headers’ field!

See demo

New ‘Vulnerability Guide’ section on the Knowledge Base

We released a new section on our knowledge base with detailed information about the tests we do, and how to remediate them!

See documentation


Crawler improvements

Significant improvements to crawler speed and stability.

Authentication Object Improvements

Improvements to the ‘Browser Based Form Authentication’ object

UX/UI improvements

Check out our new ‘Scan Summary’ page, field inputs and other UX improvements to make your experience even better!

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