Be up and scanning in minutes!

Sign up for free and run our 3-step wizard to install our CLI via Docker, NPM or Win Install and start scanning your apps and APIs in minutes.

Say goodbye to complicated configurations with Bright’s scan templates.

Developers aren’t expected to be cyber security experts, but we’ve made it easier for you to be one!

Use our pre-defined templates to run a light or deep scan, a scan optimized for API testing, or check for OWASP and MITRE top vulnerabilities. You can also create and share your own templates.

Start a scan from the CLI

Security testing is now at developers’ fingertips — where it should be.

Stay in your terminal and configure, launch and control scans from the CLI with code.

Test every PR, all managed by yaml

Security testing automation needs to be part of the CI/CD pipeline.

Automatically test every build, pull request or merge, detecting security vulnerabilities way before they hit production using global .yml configuration files.

With super-fast, scope-defined tests, you’re in control

Remediation instructions that make sense

For every detected issue, Bright provides all the information a developer needs to fix the issue immediately. 

  • Full request / response evidence
  • Recreate and debug findings with cURL commands
  • Developer friendly remediation guidelines with examples and tailored documentation

Bright: Build secure applications. Fast

Easily scan behind the login wall

Scanning login-protected resources within your target app or API, including multi-step authentication and common methods, such as headers, forms, API calls and OAuth.

Don’t waste your time: no false positives!

With Bright, every finding is automatically validated — so you can trust the results!

Our special technology automatically verifies that any vulnerability it detects is actually exploitable, so that you don’t waste time chasing ghosts.

Dashboards & Reports

Analyze projects and scans with easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that roll up by project or scan. Share with your team via PDF, CSV, JSON or SARIF.

Don’t miss a thing: comprehensive testing your security team will trust

Detect 10,000+ vulnerabilities

Tests for thousands of variations of attacks, including common vulnerabilities, zero-days, and major business logic vulnerabilities.

Scan APIs via Postman Collections

Upload a Postman Collections file and Bright will parse it to define an optimized attack surface for your API endpoints.

Scan all common APIs

Bright can work with REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and WebSocket APIs

Scan any type of app

Beyond static web applications, Bright can scan single-page apps (SPAs), microservices, WebSocket and server-side mobile

Faster and more accurate scans

By allowing you to use HAR and OpenAPI/Swagger files — not just crawlers — Bright has a more accurate map of the attack surface, allowing you to define the scope of the test for each build/PR, so they run for minutes, not days.

Bright: Build secure applications. Fast

Full Integration & Automation

Scan with every build

Bright integrates into your CI/CD pipeline, making sure your apps and APIs are secure with every build. It works with GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Jenkins, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI, GitLab, TeamCity and JFrog Pipelines

Plays nice with your toolchain

Bright works with all popular ticketing systems, including Jira,, Slack, Github, Azure Boards, and GitLab Boards

Enterprise security: SSO & RBAC

For the enterprise, Bright offers Single Sign On (SSO) and role-based access control (RBAC), as well as project management so you can separate teams and what they can access.

Scan Triggering: the way you like it

Trigger scans manually, periodically or automatically via the CI/CD.

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