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Elevating Web Application Security to DevOps Speed​

Meet Bright, your cutting-edge, developer-centric solution for securing web applications and APIs in a DevOps world. Seamlessly integrate Bright into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and empower your development and AppSec teams to identify and patch vulnerabilities without hitting the brakes.

Real-world Insights

Runtime Detection

External Perspective

Continuous Scanning

Bright’s Groundbreaking Features

IDE-Integrated Security: Real-Time Safeguarding

We've integrated Bright directly into popular IDEs like Visual Studio. Now you can initiate scans, discover vulnerabilities, and remediate issues without ever leaving your development environment.

Zero Noise: Low-to-No False Positives

Wading through false positives can be frustrating and costly. Bright's Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) automatically validates each vulnerability, focusing your efforts on genuine threats.

Comprehensive Attack Surface Mapping

Bright supports everything from HAR files to OpenAPI/Swagger and Postman Collections. Our proprietary technology actively interacts with your web applications, mimicking real human behavior for a thorough security scan.

Beyond the Basics: Business Logic Security

While others stop at the OWASP Top 10, Bright goes further by incorporating Business Logic Vulnerability Security Testing into its portfolio, offering a well-rounded and complete vulnerability assessment.

Authenticated Scanning: No Stone Left Unturned

With industry-leading support for authentication mechanisms, Bright ensures even login-protected parts of your web applications are rigorously tested.

Seamless SDLC and CI/CD Integration

Bright's SaaS-based architecture integrates flawlessly with your existing CI/CD pipelines, enabling lightning-fast, accurate security testing at every build.

Great DAST solution that fully integrates to organizations of any scale with outstanding support

Matias Ferreira
Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Lugapel

Developer-Focused Security:

Bright's seamless SDLC integration and IDE extensions enable developers and AppSec teams to identify and fix vulnerabilities efficiently without slowing down development.

Accurate and Comprehensive Scans:

Offering specialized Business Logic Security Testing and automatic validation of vulnerabilities, Bright maximizes security coverage while minimizing false positives.

Scalable and Integrative:

As a SaaS solution, Bright fits effortlessly into any CI/CD pipeline for continuous, lightning-fast security scans, making it ideal for fast-paced DevOps environments.

Seamless Integration

Quick and simple integration solutions make transition to Bright seamless & painless.

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